Mar 29

Best Travel Laptop – What is the Best Notebook for Traveling?

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Shopping for the best travel laptop can be a frustrating experience, as there are so many great options on the market today. As someone who spends a great amount of time traveling and who has reviewed a lot of travel laptops, I thought I would make a post and share my findings…

First of all, I should mention that my search was limited to Apple computers. I made the switch to OS X several years ago and have never looked back — the security, stability, and overall user-experience of OS X is so much better than Windows in my opinion. It did take a week or so to get acquainted with Apple's operating system, but it's been smooth sailing ever since.

Previously, I owned a 15″ MacBook Pro and was very happy with it, but I really wanted to find a laptop that was a bit lighter and more portable. I narrowed my search down to the 13″ MacBook Pro, the 11″ MacBook Air, and the 13″ MacBook Air.

After spending a good deal of time with all three laptops in the Apple Store, I ultimately decided to purchase the 13″ MacBook Air as I felt it offered the best in portability, screen size, and horsepower. The MacBook Air has been on my radar for a few years now, but it never made sense to move over to one as the sacrifices were too great — the latest offering removes that hurdle.

Here is an excellent video review of the 13″ MacBook Air…

By the way, I highly recommend purchasing it from Amazon. I've always found them to be great to deal with, and their prices are excellent to book. Click here to buy the 13″ MacBook Air from Amazon

Lastly, here's some interesting info regarding the rumored upcoming Ivy Bridge release:

Intel’s Ivy Bridge release schedule gives us some strong guidance for Apple’s computer lineup, especially by paying attention to the TDP wattages (maximum power consumption and heat output) of the lineup. Some easy guesses:

  • The CPUs being released in late April are likely to lead to a minor iMac speed bump up to 3.5 GHz, still quad-core.
  • The MacBook Air probably won’t see an update until those 17-watt CPUs in June. This upgrade will probably also be a minor speed bump….More at Predicting MacBooks with the Ivy Bridge schedule

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